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tv   On the Money  NBC  March 26, 2017 5:00am-5:21am EDT

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>> hi, everyone. lc to "on the money." i'm bik i c leak what you down load on yourr pso information. the travel sea i busy one, but you can still find bargains, travel tips having the talk. when should you start andow muc you tell them? and the unique program for to athletes. he money" starts right now. >>yo money, your life, you future.k.
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>> aps could be stealing your personal informing. andrea day explain what is to watch out for. download dpangers. that's our cover story. >> reporter: from game, to news to navigation. the global app business tops $140 billion a year, with get this, more than 10 million download each download, according to experts, comes the risk of your private information leaking out. >> maybe it's leaking your user name, your password and credit t into that tool is vulnerable.uncover were notdelopers. there's so much >> ror adult siteser actually included that might berise i making the unsecg up the phone.some of the partiec advice is to read the reviews before you blindly t a one that away information in as feed sho he ded in the app store.
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app t r >> how can you keep your personal information safe when you're using your smart phone. joining us now is brian vecci. he's with veronas. thanks for coming in today. what can i do to make sure i'm safe? >> sure. first you want to know what a new app is and why you're make sure you update your phone and mobile apps. sometimes we don't want to update apps because we can lose features or it will slow things down. but often times when a new app update comes out, it's got security features that fix the exploits that -- >> i always think if i'm using a trusted brand like amazon or disney, i'm safe. am i right to think that? it sounds like there were a lot of apps that even major
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companies, not those two in particular, necessary, but major brands aren't necessarily as safe as i thought. >> sure. major brands are going to do everything they can to protect your information to make sure apps are secure, but they're human and exploits are going to be discovered over time. >> i always wonder about apps that are free to down load. i always think wait, what's the catch? is that potentially a trojan horse trying to get in? >> absolutely. and you should be careful about what kinds of information you give to an app. when i down load an app it's going to ask do you want to give this app access to your phototoe or location. careful about whic apps you granteful about when a how you grant that are going t more than they need. you might download a newor ever under the sun. just a careful? the whole idea of
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aru maybeshould you ever be using w? ey're certainly convenient, but in security, we oftenserity. and if you want to keeyo aut whu connect to. >> what about lawstingome of th about what companies c how they are making sure to protect it? is met this point? >> well, there are mllyn europe right now with gdpr. gen mandated by the eu the right to be forgotten and maata by having privacy by design and doiasngse. that's probably a m the rest of the world is going toee that are in place
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if tre they want to break the rules to s yot m here in the united states? >> nfmation. i think gzpr is a model we'll see here in the future but who knows. >> what do you think about amazon, echo or any of these other potential home things that are listening at any point in time? >> i think we have to be very careful about the kind of information that we send up to companies. if amazon's echo or google's home or apple's siri is listening to what you're saying you need to be kargful about the kind of information you're providing. they're using that data for marketing purposes. you just need to be careful. >> brian, thank you for coming in today. >> thank you so much for having me. >> now here's a look at what's making news. stocks had their worst day of the year this. the dow falling more than 200 points loss on tuesday, dropping
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1% since october. the nasdaq following suit. the market moves largely over concerns about the repeal of obamacare. the market cares about that because m well be a precursor of whether president trump and the republicans can get tax reform done as well. americans bought homes last month since the fastest pace at july. new home sales rose more than 6% in february, in spite of climbing mortgage rates. builders have increased the number of homes being built as the supply of existing homes has dwindled. the company that was once america's largest retailer issued a stunning warning this week. sears said it may not be able to continue as a going concern. fears lost $2 billion last year and recently sold off its iconic craftsman brand. and if you bank with wells fargo, you may not need your atm card soon. the banking giant produced cardless cash machines that allow you to use your phone instead. other big banks are likely to follow suit. up next, we are "on the money." planning a trip this spring, why
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you may have company no matter where you go. and if you're still looking for a vacation destination, some new places at great prices. regent now, though, a look at how the stock market ended the week. sick, huh?
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becky. so while m still>f you're up f joining us now pretty sure there are ry there's a sewer fire way to make sure you're how do you do that? >> yeah, locality back. and what you do is use yeah to research a great rate. directly, ask them to match or beat the>> s is it bett i better to book in advce better t bonuing way in advance can mean you're they want possible. but waiting until the lasincr i. less than $100 a day florida cruises. ands just a few it's kindcart of milk before th
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expiration date.>> what about ig a ran looked at quebec streets, sipping good wine, eating good food, it's like paris. >> youf eve got the whole family, other places you might be able to see? >> i kind of have a surprise suggestion. santa fe, new mexico. it has a really cool program this spring. they're welcoming families. they're saying families come stay, you'll get potentially a free night. kids can eat free at a bunch of restaurants, get free activities all around town. this goes through to about mid april. visit and read about thin spend any time
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>> national pk april 15th free. once you're in the park, nal parks in the spring -- of course, thed canyo parks are still -- >> robert, tha great to be here. up next, we are on suld you kids learn now and what should yove plus, laterrs a on a road trip but it's not for a a road trip but it's not for a game.rize try nivea in-shower body lotion. wash.apy. it absor. for 24 hour moisture. ready to go!dy lotion.
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kids are likehem and it seems no different whe joining us is theon raising som. thanks for being with here.
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t.rowe price came out with a survey thatt and it found behavior, you bad money behavior ow >> i think you should talk to kidssokidstoo. as soon as they can talk about y mommy can i have that to b -- as soon a abo the physical currency, about -- quarter, a coin. poible. >> whe having these conversations with kids and u' what is money? well, i have to try to take in. >> but kids need to have those con vaio money is meant to do one thing,
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action. that's all they see usrs conversation of the teract rp money, how we use money and the choices you have w >> it's a limited supply. >> 69% of the people they talk to say they're reluctant to talk to the why is that such a tough conversation? >> i think it's a couple of things. it really does depend on the age. they focused on kids in the 8 to 14 category. they think this is not appropriate for kids. this is perhaps kind of tacky or gauche or just inappropriate because we don't want to burden the kids with money matters. sometimes parents are frankly embarrassed, too. maybe they don't have their whole finances together and they don't want to talk about it with the kids. >> you say kids need to make choices. with that is probably where it's pretty tough. how do you go about doing that?
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>> here's what i teach my kids. money is not meant to be spent. after you earn money, you can do four things with it at the end of the day -- save it, spend it, invest it or donate it. and if you show kids that they have those choices, they really will make good choices, you know? and thatrowe price service said 44% of parents their kids to make those you think barbie doll, an x box. but if them aboutping others. if you talk to them about delayedfition -- >> onhat w mine. >> it's all good life lessons. thank you so much.. >> l ak is helping his
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players plan for a son >> it's great for the tea
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up that may impact your m'lleye on the hem prices acrossonsur c gauge just howe ecomy. on wednesday,le iheex tells us home sales went to contract in february. we're also expecting to see a historic relaunch and reuse of
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the space x falcon 9 from the kennedy space center in florida. and happy birthday to the eiffel tower. the doors opened at the iconic landmark, 128 years ago on friday. we've all heard stories of pro athletes going broke, but one nfl team owner is helping his players think beyond game day. morgan brennan has the story. >> reporter: life after football. miami dolphins are getting schooled in winning off the field. >> boom, they hit into one another. >> 16 players headed to a combine steven ross arranged for his team. >> i think as an owner, i have the responsibility to develop as great football player, to prolong their career, but also the fact is i think it's a responsibility to make sure when their career is over. >> midtown manhattan is one of dozens events they will take in over the course of the week.
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>> they want to think about the future and predict they come in here and speak with our executives. one of them was just asking me, what's the difference between the steel building and a concrete building. >> it takes them to a lunch-time q& a with equinox. to learn more about business and investing. >> to kind of shadow these business millionaires, billionaires. it's an amazing opportunity. >> football is a short career. that being said, you have to plan. >> players chose to participate, paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for the trip. the goal -- make connections that will last long beyond their playing years. >> i think as a brand, we speak
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a common language. i think a lot of these athletes will be great employees for equinox. >> with so many pro athletes going broke after their nfl careers, roth is determined to make sure his players don't become just another statistic. >> since we shot that story, the linebacker jenkins signed with the oakland raider, but several studies has shown retired athletes face a higher level of bankruptcy than the broader population. it speaks to better financially literacy for these flayers overall. >> how is this different, is it above and beyond what they're already getting at the nfl level? >> this represents the first time that a stand-alone team has done a stand-alone event like this that hasn't been affiliated with the nfl or with the university. and that's important. because it means that these players pay out of pocket to do this event. the thinking goes there that because they're paying for
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themselves, it's an investment in their future that they're likely to take it even more seriously. >> it's amazing how many had done their homework had really smart questions. they're walking around with knapsacks and were just taking notes of everything. >> student athletes. all over again. morgan, thank you very much. that does it for us today. i'm becky quick." thanks for joining us. with the april deadline approaching, we're going to have some common tax mistakes that you can avoid. each week, keep it right here. we're "on the money" have a great one. see you next weekend. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style.
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temperatures take a dip fromehe
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wa first alert neighborhood dress in layers for an annual half a . we're live preview. basketball brawl. cameras caught out in the stands during a those details ing with us. i'm rosar this sunday. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the chilly weather. >> the good new
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